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My Manifesto

I was born in '05, so I didn't really have an old web experience that I can long for a return to, but I have seen the internet change for the worse. I remember being a kid on the net chatting on forums, playing games, and watching Youtube. But then an ad every ten videos became an ad every videos, and then two ads, then three. I began to see my peers obssessed to the point of disorder with social media, and the same fixation rose in me too. There was a study by Facebook that showed that their apps have a significant negative effect on teens, and yet they did nothing. Facebook and these other tech companies don't care about the health of their users, no matter what they tell you. They profit off of your hours of doomscrolling, and they seek to increase your time on their website, no matter the cost to your health. Profits over people, every single fucking time, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of how social media has now become essential to our modern communication, how you can't find friends online anymore without social media, how we're all stuck on the same five websites. We have boundless knowledge and connections in the palm of our hand and yet we're fucking stuck. There is so much more to the internet than this.

So that's why I'm here. I want to bring back the old internet I've heard so much about, the one where creativity reigned, where there was no focus on 'followers' or 'engagement', and people just had fun. It's a bit idealistic, but I believe that we can bring back Web1 one website at a time.

-Rutherford 12/16/22